Hangover Cup

Format is as follows:

3 round robin games of 30 minutes each (15 minute halves)

Top two teams based on points play in a 30 minute championship games.
The next two teams can enjoy adult beverages outside the fence and watch the match. Bring your koozie, I’ll bring the beer!

Let’s Represent Our Home Countries.

This year we want to showcase our club diversity. Please bring a jersey for your national team or your favorite club. We will wear these for our photoshoot, but not the actual game. You may also bring a flag from your home country if you like. We can arrange them along the fence similar to how we placed our Hangover Cup Banner. Tell your friends! Thank you Pagva Victor for this great idea!

Points Schedule:

  • 6 points per win
  • 3 points per tie
  • 0 point for a loss
  • 1 for each goal scored up to a max of 3
  • 1 point for a winning shutout

Tie Breaker:

  • Head to Head
  • Goal Differential
  • Goals Scored

9v9 format

I have red, grey and purple jerseys.  I’ll need one team to volunteer to wear black (black, not some version of grey!) Sub from midfield, must enter when player leaves from same area, sub on the fly. No referees, I may bring referees into play next year (I’ll blame it on COVID-19 for not having them this year).

Team Rosters

Team 1

  • Chad Armenta
  • Jay Berrisford
  • Victor Bolanos
  • Marshall Boyd
  • Jeff Brown
  • Marlon Chagua
  • JD Dai
  • KC Fadem
  • Alberto Gallo
  • James Prather
  • Sambuu Rentsensambu
  • Berry Sebastien
  • Henry (Rick) Spiller
  • Michael Fitzer (GK)

Team 2

  • Robert Burch
  • Ben Carter
  • David Cooper
  • Sam Gardner
  • Luke Moreschi
  • Gary Nakasato
  • Andres Reyes
  • Oscar Salciedo
  • JD Shelton
  • Tara Stout
  • Gilles Topolsky
  • Pagva Victor
  • Jim Zimmer
  • Mark Donnelly (GK)
  • Quoc Huynh (GK)

Team 3

  • Chrstine Beavers
  • Ryan Cleary
  • Kevin Ingram
  • Scott Johnson
  • Stuart Miles
  • Jason Prather
  • Alan Rubin
  • Darin Stinnett
  • Hoss Tavak
  • Marcus Whitehead
  • Nate Wiselogel
  • Daniel Swan (GK)

Team 4

  • Andrew Aebersold
  • Vladimir Fridman
  • Xudong Fu
  • Adam Gaweda
  • John Hahn
  • Travis Holmes
  • Chuck Hubbs
  • Robb Mears
  • Paul Perez
  • Rob Potts
  • David Thompson
  • Brandon Welch
  • Qifa Xie
  • Jason Wiesenauer (GK)

If you have not already done so, please pay your 2021 membership dues online or bring a check payable to CCSA for $100 the day of the Hangover Cup. Your club dues are the only requirement to play, otherwise this is a “free” event. Have fun! =)

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