Below are the rosters for the 4v4 Fourth of July Tournament. The first game will begin at 9:30 Thursday morning. Please arrive early to warm up and organize with your teammates. There will be a total of 5 games lasting 20 minutes (10 minute per half). The points system is: 6 for win, 3 for tie, 0 for a loss, +1 point for each goal scored up to a maximum of 3, plus 1 point for a winning shutout (0-0 tie does not count as a winning shutout). 

Some beverages will be provided, but bring your own to be safe. There will be a goal area where no one can touch the ball and a midfield mark where you cannot score unless the ball is touched by the offense on their side of the field. Substitute on the fly, but must enter and exit at the midfield. No slide tackles! Remember, we are all friends and play together regularly – be respectful and enjoy some friendly but competitive soccer. 

Team 1Team 2Team 3Team 4Team 5Team 6
Sefir MujicShane SparksJay BerrisfordNate WiselogelDarin StinnettJD Shelton
Christine BeaversDzevad ToricAdam GawedaPeggy Mealey-MilesEric MouMark Donnelly
Keith O’LoaneAlberto GalloDavid CooperPaul PerezVictor BolanosRobb Mears
Paul DuckworthRyan ClearyLuke MoreschiChris GoodenMagi CakarJames Prather
Sabrija MuminovicAndrew AebersoldMaid HalilovicTerry MaddenTrey MobleyStuart Miles
Brandon WelchJide AniyikaiyeRob PottsShane GleesonPaul WirthJosh Geer
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