LASC Hangover Cup

1/1/20 will mark the 5 year anniversary of the LVSC Hangover Cup.  For those of you new to the club, or haven’t been around much lately, the Hangover Cup kicks off our new year as motivation to existing members to pay their dues for the upcoming year. It is also a great way to recruit new members to the club. This tournament is included for free with your LVSC membership.

Setup: This is subject to change based on how many players register.  We’ve played with 6 teams of 9 playing 7v7, and 4 teams of 12 playing 8v8. So, be open to all possibilities!

Time of Day: We try to pay 10am to Noon on New Years Day, but will move that around due to weather as necessary. We have homemade chili, and maybe an adult beverage or two afterwards.

Where: Weather has been kind 3 of the 4 previous years and we played outside at Woehrle, one year was too cold and we played indoor at Mockingbird. Once again, we will be flexible.

Teams:  In the past, we asked for captains to draft the teams.  What we found was that mostly the same members volunteered (or were coerced) each year.  This year, we’re going to pool players based on a small contingent’s opinions and have a purely random draw… no captains.  We will randomly draw one player’s name from the winning team to be the name on the trophy.

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