LASC Hangover Cup 2021

We plan to host the 6th Annual Hangover Cup on Friday, January 1st, at Woehrle. This event is a members’ only tournament whose only entry fee is for you to pay your 2021 Dues. The format will be similar to last year, with a random seeded draw for teams. The seeding is performed by a small anonymous group where we put the player into 3 or 4 pots. We then draw from those pots to assign teams. We used to have captains drafting the teams but forwent that last year, and it seemed to work out well. Congratulations to Team Yoda! It is anticipated that this will be a mask optional tournament. How many teams, number of players, and format of play (7v7, 8v8, etc.) will be determined by the number of players who sign up.

It’s too late to sign up, but you can still come and watch!

Here are the official rules and team rosters for the 2021 Hangover Cup.

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